Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Pricing?

Due to the wide variety of materials that we carry and your personal preference, you will not find a standard pricing guide on our website.  Please contact Sales at (403) 238-4366.

My New House is being built with radiant heat. Can I use Wide planks for this application?

Yes you can.  We recommend going with any of our solid or engineered floors as they are specifically designed to be installed over radiant heat or concrete.

Can your floors be installed directly to concrete?

Yes they can.  Again, we recommend going with any of our floors in a solid or engineered form.

We have heard that the wider boards are susceptible to cupping. Is this true?

Wood can sometimes move in a manner that may not be desirable such as cupping and warping for a variety of reasons, none of which is due to the width of the boards.  If you use a properly air dried and kiln dried product, your planks should be stable regardless of the width.  Cupping and/or warping is generally caused by a lack of or too much humidity.

Are Fir Floors too soft?

Our most popular and common floors are fir. You do not want to confuse softness with lack of durability.  These types of wood floors have been used in homes for over 200 years and in many cases still look beautiful.  You will want to appreciate the dents and dings that create the old and traditional look of these floors.

Can I use wood floors for my kitchen?

Yes you can.  It simply comes down to personal choice.  Wood floors have been used in kitchens for hundreds of years.  Sure, you may get a few more dings in kitchen flooring but, that only adds to the character and charm of the wood floors.

How do you stop solid hardwood floors from gapping?

Gapping in solid hardwood floors cannot be completely eliminated.  Wood will expand and contract depending on humidity levels in your home.  Using a humidifier in your home during the heating seasons and maintaining humidity levels in the 30-40% range will help eliminate this issue.  Another key is to acclimatize the wood properly in your home prior to installation.  With wider planks, we acclimatize solid wood floors for a minimum of 30 days prior to installation.  Engineered floors are much more dimensionally stable than solid wood floors and will show little or no gapping between boards.  This type of flooring does not require the same amount of time for acclimatizing.

Can I install hardwood floors if I have pets?

Yes you can.  The great thing about reclaimed floors is that they already have character built into them.  A few more marks and scratches along the way will only enhance the look and character of your floor.  If you have bigger dogs that are more active, we suggest going with a harder wood such oak, ash, or maple.  This type of wood will be less susceptible to deep marks or gouges.  Keep in mind that with bigger animals, over time, you may have to refinish your floors a little more often.