Our Wood Products

We deal with several mills that supply us with our reclaimed products.  The wood is milled from old timbers, columns, and joists that existed in century-old buildings that were once sawmills, warehouses, and factories throughout Canada.  Many of these structures were destined to be destroyed and now can be salvaged for a reusable, eco-friendly, and unique-looking wood product.

Over the years, we have expanded our line of flooring to include a wide variety of species of reclaimed and new wood milled into wide-plank flooring.

Both lines of flooring, whether reclaimed or new, come in solid and engineered – both ideal for radiant heat or concrete applications.

Many of our floors are also available in pre-finished.

Reclaimed Wood

Antique Elm

Antique Black Ash

Antique Fir

Antique Pine

Antique Hemlock

Antique Chestnut

Antique Maple

Rustic Fir Barnboard

Antique Fir

Antique Ash (custom stain)

Antique Oak

New Wood

American Cherry

Brazilian Cherry

Black Walnut

West Coast Pine

Natural Hickory

New Oak

White Oak


Capilano Wood

Cordova Burl

English Bay Mud

Gastown Brick

Granola Pebbles

Granville Grey

Java Bean

Jerico Sand

Nanaimo Natural Burl

Olive Brick

Rio Meao

Seattle Latte

Sockeye Red

Whistler Granite

Wine Corks

Winter Brick

Vinyl Cork

Bavarian Chalet

English Barn

Sherwood Forest


Moroccan Maize

Mediteranean Sand

Swiss Alpine

Monte Carlo


Handscraped Hickory

Casthaus Mailbock Color Heavily Handscraped

Casthaus Pilsner Color Heavily Handscraped

Casthaus Dunkel Color Heavily Handscraped

Pubhouse Stout Color Lightly Handscraped

Pubhouse Ale Color Lightly Handscraped

Pubhouse Lager Color Lightly Handscraped

Saloon Cigar Color Lightly Handscraped

Saloon Houston Color Lightly Handscraped

Saloon Saddle Color Engineered