Installing our floors can either be done professionally, which is a real time saver, or as a do it yourself project. Depending on the product and the mill, most of our flooring can be prefinished, although over the years we have found the best finish is a site finish. That is why 99% of the jobs we do are supplied and installed. We also use on all jobs a 2 component finish specially designed for high traffic residential and commercial applications. Specifically a product call “Traffic” made in Sweden by BonaKemi . See for more info.

The most common installation involves glueing and nailing directly to a ¾” subfloor.

All of our floors can be installed over concrete and in-floor radiant heat by going with an engineered product.

Regardless of the type of installation we offer you a wide selection of woods either solid or engineered to fit your project.

When to order your new Floor

Choosing when to order your new flooring can depend on if you are replacing your existing flooring, doing a renovation or new construction project. In either case delivery can take anywhere from four to eight weeks, sometimes less depending on the flooring option you choose.

In new construction your flooring should be one of the last things to get done if you choose to go with a pre-sanded micro-bevelled product. If going with a full sand on-site finish, your flooring should be installed after the first prime coat and covered with heavy cardboard for protection. A full sanding would take place once everything is almost completed, your floor sealed and/or stained and clear coated, with final coat taking place after all trades are completed and minimum 72 hrs prior to move-in.